Architectural design as one of our main area of expertise, where we can provide great added value to your project. Starting in early stages we can help you shape your idea in a realistically deliverable result. We work on definitions before starting the design process. We consult investors and architects on what approach, what system, what process should be properly chosen. Architecture is the first keystone for highly energy efficient or even energy independent building performance.  

Architectural solution often do not care about energy and comfort. Vanity and formalism is common approach. Energy and comfort demands are covered from installations. Many new buildings are real energy disaster. Central ventilation, colored glasses, insufficient daylight etc bring the occupants to so-called "Sick building factor".

IZEB offer re-design of the building skin and installations, delivering the most adequate for energy and comfort solution. Starting from building physics and the best European practices we develop smart and modern solution for sustainable future of the buildings.
What we want to achieve? How we want to reach our goals? Can we predict the future?  What are our believes?
We always start with answering of these questions.  This is the beginning of the process.

We provide solutions in areas of architectural design, facade engineering, energy design and sustainability. We do innovations, using high-Integrity and high-technologies.

Case studies
We provide deep and wide case studies on various of areas concerning architecture: facades, energy efficiency, renewable resources, producing and storing energy in buildings etc. We travel, we visit, we ask. We have collection of case studies from the best practices from the last decade. We are in a connection with universities, laboratories, science hubs and scientists, famous specialists and vanguard companies.