Arch. Dimitar Paskalev

Zero energy architecture, Building energy strategies, Building enevelope design

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 Eng. Kiril Velkovsky

Daylight technology, Radiation and Thermal analyses, Shading systems, 

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 Eng. Veneta Novakova

Advanced facade solutions

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  Arch. Milan Rashevsky

Zero energy architecture, Passive house design, Building energy simulations

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 Eng. Valentin Vasilev

HVAC, solar thermal systems, seasonal energy storage






Eng Petar Kamburov

HVAC, Building energy simulations,  Feasibility studies






 Eng. Ilia Radev

Microwind solutions, Building integrated microwind

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 Georgi Georgiev

CFD analisys, Feasibility studies, PV and microwind systems

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 Eng. Ivan Veltchev

HVAC, Solar thermal and PV design, Biomass solutions

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 Eng. Krasimir Obretenov


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 Arch. Georgi Georgiev

Building with natural matirials, Passive house design

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