Building integrated micro-wind


Eng. Ilia Radiev


Huge amount of wind energy attacks the building envelope. Buildings are big wind concentratrs. Our innovative approach includes deep analysis of the local wind resources, creating new generation technologies that can get use of this energy. Those technologies are ready to be incorporated into a harmonic architectural design.

We are focused on developing low noise, building integrated and cost-effective wind turbins with cooperation and understanding of design, aestetic and other architectural demands.


R&D services

  • Aerodynamic testing ground
  • Facilities ruling the behavior and characteristics of the flow - compressors, turbines, air conditioning system to control humidity and temperature
  • Sensors for monitoring and equipment for data collection accompanying audit - animometri, barometers, thermometers, infrared / thermal Camera, slow motion camera.
  • Equipment and software for visualization and processing of received information.
  • Detailed physical model of target building or environment - neighborhood or city (scale factor is defined by accuracy requirements.
  •  Weather conditions simulatios
  • Computation fluid dynamics


Building integrated wind turbines

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