Daylight and shading


Dipl Eng. Kiril Velkovsky
Daylight and shading research and coordination

Shading systems are the only popular dynamic systems in the building industry, that can react on the changing environment, supplying quality daylight into the inverior. Till now the shading building physics is still not well understood from the building industry, consultants and clients. There is a vast gap between avanguard solutions and mass production. 

R&D Services

Our R&D services in the area of Daylight and shading  include:

  • specially designed shading systems for building purpouses
  • industrial development of new shading systems
  • facade integration of shading systems
  • BMS algoritms for controlling shading systems

Current Projects

On the topic of Daylight and Shading, we are/were involved in the following selected projects:
  • Energy Flex System - innovative retrofit solution
  • Sun-Ra System - photovoltaic and led integrated shading
  • Gen-Co - micro-concentration high temperature shading system

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