Energy storage


Eng. Valentin Vasillev
Energy Storage team leader and coordinator

The energy storage is the Holy Grail of the renewable energy based economy. This topic is on very basic level of understanding from the building industry. Together with incorporated solar energy systems, energy storage gives to the building real solutions for acheving Zero energy consumption and even Off the grid. Our main efforts are to develop cost effective storage solutions wiith integrated installation processes for building energy cycles.

R&D Services

Our services in the area of energy storage are:

  • cost effective thermal seasonal energy storages: building integrated
  • cold storages and system for night cooling
  • bilding mass activation 
  • construction and estimation of big thermal energy plans 

Current Projects

On the topic of Thermal energy storage, we are developing the following selected projects:
  • water based seasonal energy storage
  • chemical thermal energy storage for building aplications
  • thermal storage in big water basins

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