Experimental facade systems


Eng. Veneta Novakova
Experimental facade systems team leader and coordinator


The existing understanding of facades is more as reflective rather than absorbing surfaces. Glass coatings and shading systems tend to reject the valuable solar input and roofs are not always enough as building absorbing surfaces to cover greater energy demands. It is important to change the general understanding of the façade and convert it in a collector, simultaneously improving the internal comfort level.

We are focussed on creating conceptualy new ABSORBING facades – light, transparent, actively controlled envelope absorbing renewable energy for building purposes; increased thermal but not physical building mass, flexible to external conditions and internal demands; higher visual, thermal and acoustic comfort levels.

R&D services

Our R&D services in the area of Experimental facade Systems include:

  • Concept design
  • Prototyping
  • Pilot projects
  • Developing to industry levels
Current projects
On the topic of Facade Systems, we are/were involved in the following selected projects
  • Industrial developmpent of water flow glazing
  • Three generative facade systems (managing heat, PV and daylight)
  • Bionic facades

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