Zero energy architecture

Arch. Dimitar Paskalev
Zero energy architecture team leader and coordinator


Energy independence of the buildings is possible and perspective goal for todays science. Solar, wind and earth renewable resources, combined with energy saving technologies can reduce drasticly usage of the non-renewable energy.

Our main focus is to reseach and develop a complex solutions for acheving cost-efective zero energy consumption of the buildings. We recognise the building enevelope as a main subject for conceptual changes. We recognise the building mass as a valuable energy storing resource. We recognise the instalations as a motor of new high-performance energy delivering, managing and transforming systems.

We develop our own concepts, strategies and design solutions, using complex approach, that will change the architecture of tomorrow!

R&D services

  •  Arhitectural design strategy
  • Facade design: concept design
  • Cost estimation and concepts evaluation

Current Projects

Students Hospise, Sofia

ZEB 1 : Energy autonomous office building, Bojurishte Industrial Zone

Plovdiv Municipality Reconstruction


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