The new “energy” reality is already transforming our buildings and the way we design them and we offer an extensive array of services to make this transformation successful. The new building skins will provide a platform for integrated solution for production and storage of energy by transforming renewable energy into electricity, heat and controlled daylight. The building management systems will play active part in optimizing these processes by providing the intelligence necessary to run the systems.

With IZEB as partner you will receive a full set of services that will provide you with complete solution for your building design and construction.
IZEB can provide you with a range of advice in this area starting from general HVAC consulting to fully integrated holistic approach to your building climate. We look at your building as integrated part of its surroundings and then we look for building climate solutions that deliver maximum living comfort.

We deliver expertize and solutions on the following areas:
- innovative energy concept
- sustainability strategy
- life cycle analysis
- energy modeling
- building physics
- installation concept
- special equipment