IZEB wins 1-st prize at 4th International Solar District Heating Conference


Arch Milan Rashevski took the prize
The successful integration of SDH in the urban areas is facing the problem of the land use and related costs and general lack of free space. Land areas are needed for both – collector fields and storage. PTES has proven to be one of the most feasable storage sollutions, however, not including investment for land use, which can be significant in urbanised areas. Furthermore, pit storages include sophisticated and expensive cover lid with low static bearing capabilities. The area of this cover lid is significant compared to other storage types and implies high land costs. In addition, long distances from the solar field to the DH network are causing additional losses and infracstructure investments. In this sense, it is very logical to look for technical opportunities to use this area for solar collector field.

IZEB wins 1-st prize at the 4th International Solar District Heating Conference with the proposed Floating thermal collectors on top of seasonal water pit storages. More info here
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