SDH is a Chance to Save Bulgarian Cities from the Air Pollution 

Instead of burning RDF in the very center of Sofia to generate heat energy, the Sofia Municipality can build a modern and environmentally-friendly District Heating network in all neighborhoods and districts that currently lack DH systems and where households use coal/wood burners for heating their homes. The projected municipal long-term debt of €67 million that Sofia Municipality intends to take to build a “cogeneration plant in Sofia with RDF waste utilization” can actually be invested in Solar District Heating. This kind of energy source provides household heating through the energy of the Sun. Therefore, SDH are completely ecological they do not emit neither carbon emissions nor particulate matter in the air.


The proposal was addressed to the Sofia Municipality by the Institute for Zero Energy Buildings (IZEB) and Austrin engineering company S.O.L.I.D


Possible plots for pilot SDH plants in Sofia DH facility


The modern SDH solutions are ecological and sustainable and can save all the Bulgarian cities from the air pollution due to domestic heating. SDH systems are able to eliminate harmful gases and particulate matter that are typical air pollutant when burning of low-grade coal, damp wood, and non-combustible raw materials such as automobile tires, clothing, etc.


The current DH technologies are based on natural sources of energy: sun, earth, biomass. They are an effective solution to tackle air pollution from domestic heating - on a big scale and in the long term. Also a DH system nas a strong social impact - stable energy prices, security of the energy supplies and energy independence at local and regional level.

Big Solar Gratz schematic. Source https://solid.at

It is imperative to introduce the topic into the agenda of the Bulgarian municipalities and all the responsible institutions, given the fact that the European Comission already started an infringement procedure in the EU Court against Bulgaria - due to the unfulfilled obligations regarding the quality of the atmospheric air.

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