The Institute for Zero Energy Buildings is founded by quad of recognized experts in the area of advanced building design and technologies.

The main goal of IZEB is to support, develop and implement in practice know how and innovations in the building industry concerning low energy, near zero energy or energy independent buildings.

As a second major goal IZEB has the ambition to develop technologies, know how and strategies for low carbon and energy independent neighbourhoods.
IZEB has patent portfolio in the area of facade design, energy storage and solar energy absorption.

The companies, members of our Institute are supporting us in our research programs and initiatives.

Fields of expertise
renewable sources of energy, energy storage, transport, energy savings, innovative technologies, 
environmental protection, sustainable development, education, training, innovation, technology transfer
Skills and competences
Consultancy and project development services in the field of energy efficiency in buildings. Research and 
development of specific elements and systems related to the energy efficiency in the buildings.
Consultancy competences:
- Preliminary investigations for achieving low energy consumption. Development of conceptual design. 
- Energy simulation of the buildings according to the conceptual design in a daily and yearly time-frame
- Technical and economic analysis of the measures for achieving low energy consumption in buildings. 
Calculation and analysis of financial parameters 
- Preparation of technical projects for the architecture and engineering part. They include specifications 
of the proposed systems and provide quantitative and operational parameters
Design competences:
- Architectural design of buildings with low energy and zero energy consumption
- Façade engineering – engineering development of the architectural concept 
- Energy engineering – HVAC systems, energy efficiency measures, renewable energy installations, 
electrical network, Building Management Systems and others. The energy engineering is inseparable part 
of the whole zero energy buildings concept. That is why IZEB offers specific solutions depending on the 
building type and the overall economic feasibility
Research and development competences:
- Research of technologies 
- Intellectual property rights
- Energy, fluid and other simulations
- Design of prototypes
- Construction of prototypes
- Performing tests and monitoring 
- Manufacturing technologies
The members of Institute for Zero Energy Buildings are leading experts from companies, who have the 
capacity and the potential to realize specific projects related to energy efficiency in the buildings, façade 
systems and sun protection installations, renewable energy technologies, specific HVAC systems, 
building management systems and others.
Research infrastructure of the organization
The Institute owns and has licenses for various applications/programs/tools for architectural planning, 
engineering, energy planning and energy simulations, graphical design, simulations and others. Our 
partners/members have manufacturing facilities, storage spaces, testing laboratories and all the 
necessary infrastructure and personal to service them.