Central Laboratory for Solar Energy and New Energy Sources - CL SENES (Bulgarian Academy of Science)




CL SENES is leader in solar energy research in Bulgaria. Its efforts are focused in several directions such as:

-new materials preparation and study, development
of new technological processes for highly effective solar energy converters,
- photovoltaic and solar thermal system design. 

The CL SENES team is involved in demonstration and research projects in cooperation 
with numerous national and international partners in the EU and beyond


Electric Vehicles Industrial Cluster – EVIC




EVIC is the unique professional organization in Bulgaria, operating in the field of electric mobility.
The cluster participates in expert level in directions like - strategic developments, technological developments, changes in regulations, higher and vocational education and training, connection with the central and local governments, etc.


Institute of Technology and Development – ITD




The Institute of Technology and Development (ITD) Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization motivated by the challenge to support the development of innovative ideas and technology transfer. It is designed to strengthen the academia-industry linkages, to raise the knowledge and innovation culture and entrepreneurial spirit of young people. ITD is engaged also in training and educational activities supporting the applications of new technologies in education, focusing on the methodological research and dissemination of best practices related to ICTs. Among the main aims of the ITD are to create bridges between the academic community and industry in Bulgaria for fostering technology transfer


Bulgarian Green Building Council – BGBC



BGBC is a non-profit NGO with public benefits, which aims at a more sustainable and efficient built-up environment in Bulgaria.


The organization operates on multiple levels such as industry professionals, members of the scientific community, architects, students, politicians, etc. in order to employ and, at the same time, affect all those areas of expertise. The organization is rapidly growing in size and momentum and is well on the way of becoming the official authority in the field of sustainable construction and urban planning in Bulgaria. The BulgariaGBC supports all efforts to foster a "lead market," sustainable construction, by developing a national certification system for high-performance buildings.



Cleantech Bulgaria




Cleantech Bulgaria is a platform exclusively dedicated to CLEAN TECHNOLOGIES and sustainable development. The project Cleantech Bulgaria will bring together all the key stakeholders (industrial, political, academic, entrepreneurial as well as non-profit) that are working together to increasingly push alternative energy innovation in Bulgaria.


Cleantech Bulgaria answers three fundamental needs: access to Cleantech Marketplace, solutions for scientific and business problems, finding opportunities for:

  • Funding where green and clean is needed and real solutions are asked
  • Information about national and international funding programs and grants
  • Significant venture capital funds and business angels



Association for building with natural materials – ABNM



The Association for building with natural materials is informal group with interests in the fields of architecture, energy efficiency, ecology, low carbon construction, the “biology” of the buildings, solar architecture, development of sustainable interconnections and communities.

ABNM unites different experts and practitioners with experience in the field of natural construction materials. The association connects professional organizations, experts and institutions.


Climate Coalition – Bulgaria



The Climate Action Bulgaria Coalition is a group of individuals, citizen and other organizations dedicated to action to counteract the threat of anthropogenic climate change.


Kepco Group – Qatar




Kepco Group introduce new ideas and innovative companies, technologies, products and services to the Qatari market place. We partner with select companies worldwide, encouraging organizations to establish new offices in Qatar.

Over the years, Kepco has established a strong track record in delivering quality and value added services by providing integrated solutions to its customers. With a strong brand position, Kepco has been able to secure prominent projects. Kepco has expanded its presence in Qatar either fully undertaken by Kepco’s team or through strategic partnerships and acquisitions.